Single Ply Roofing has been in use in the UK for over 40 years now. It is a single layer PVC based roofing product, which comes on pre-fabricated rolls, allowing for fast installation and lower labour costs.

Single ply is installed in a flame free application, making it safe to use in multiple applications.

Single ply is ideal for a roof that will be subject to minimum foot traffic after installation.


Reinforced Bitumen Membranes have been in use in the UK for as long as there have been flat roofs. This does not mean that they are not innovative though, these highly flexible roofs are now available in many different colours.

Reinforced Bitumen Membranes can be installed with either a torch applied method or by using a heat gun as the project requires.

These roofs can be installed in various roof areas and can have green roofs installed over the top to give an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly roofs.


Cold Applied Liquid Roofing is the most recent offering to the UK roofing market but has already established itself as an efficient product. One of the most cost-effective ways to waterproof your roof is to use liquid waterproofing systems. Liquid is a cold-applied technique that cures into a flexible, seamless waterproof covering that conforms to the curve of the roof. Liquid can be used on new builds and refurbishments of roofs and is applied in stages: a basecoat is applied to the surface, followed by a reinforcing layer, and then a final liquid coat to create a totally waterproof system. The products ability to be formed around tricky onsite details means this product has become a favourite in the refurbishment roofing sector. This roofing can come in a variety of colours which can make it an eye catching offering.

Hot Melt Roofing

Hot Melt

Hot Melt Roofing was developed in the harshness of the Canadian weather. This system takes rubberised bitumen blocks that are melted down in a boiler and installed directly to roof area, which is usually a concrete substrate. Insulation, paving, and ballast can then be installed over the top. This allows the roof to last the life of the building as no UV rays can get to the roofing. Hot Melt roofing is very popular with our commercial clients as a robust solution for works to high rise developments.

Pitched Roofing

Pitched Roofing

Slates and tiles provide a semi-permeable barrier to the elements and used in conjunction with an internal layer of impervious felt or sheet material. Construction Techniques offer full Slating and Tiling services on any commercial scheme. Our pitched roofing services offer includes:

  • Traditional Slate Re-Roofing
  • Artificial Slate Re-Roofing
  • Clay/Concrete Plain Tiling Re-Roofing
  • Concrete Interlocking Tiling
  • Incorporation of New Ventilation Systems
  • Modern Lightweight Tile Form Roofing Systems
  • Flat To Pitched Roof Conversion

Sustainable Roofing

With the growing demand for BREEAM related roofing projects, alongside urban growth and ever-changing weather patterns causing increased flood risk, Construction Techniques are fully equipped to aid with the design and installation of both green and blue roofing systems. We work with approved partners who will guarantee both green and blue roofing systems alongside our waterproofing installation, which in turn enables us to provide a single point warranty for your project.


Wythenshaw Flats, Manchester

Two 8 storey blocks of flats that are situated in Wythenshawe…

Private Residential Project, Crosby Merseyside

Construction Techniques were approached by a private self build client to look at the waterproofing design at a large domestic property in Blundellsands Merseyside.

Alexander House, Manchester

The project involved the refurbishment of a multistorey office block occupied by Manchester City Council administration staff.

Eccles Wastewater Treatment Works (WwTW)

A store water overflow tank was constructed by pre-cast concrete rings sunk to a depth of 30m. The base slab was then cast out of reinforced concrete.

Liberal Club, Prenton

As part of the conversion of the old liberal club in Prenton to self-contained accommodation for autistic residence…

Old Fire Station, Windemere

As part of the refurbishment of the historic old fire station, which is a listed building within the Unesco…

Printers, Knowsley

A vast building, holding a total of 19 printing presses, used to print the country’s leading newspapers and magazines.

World Museum, Liverpool

As part of the William Brown Street Museum, Construction Techniques were called in to review multiple areas requiring a structural waterproofing system.

Ambulance Station, Wallasey

Wallasey Ambulance project consisted of a refurb of an ambulance station, where we were asked to complete a survey to…

Hoylake Station

Shortly before the 2006 Open Golf Championship at Hoylake, Network Rail were refurbishing the station and its associated structures.